New York, USA

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Navigators USA
A different kind of scouting.

-Demonstration Project in South Bronx partnering a Navigators chapter with the local Police Athletic League

Jagna Media Council and Nepal Media Foundation

-Community Radio Producers Exchange Program (Philippines & Nepal).

Bharat Koirala and Nepal Media Foundation

-International Community Radio Conference: Asia, South America, and Africa.

What are the commonalities that bring these projects together? Successful outcomes, demonstrated creativity and energy that can be promoted cross-culturally, impoverished and under-served communities as both partners and beneficiaries, excellent examples of successful bottom-up efforts, working with local partners in expertise and community support, good governance and relationships as source of power, joyful learning environment and fun-filled entertainment, community ownership and operation after small investment, and small investments leading to large payoffs.


Navigators USA:
Scouting that celebrates Diversity, Creativity, Community and Respect for All
Partners: Police Athletic League, 991 Longwood Avenue, and the Booker T. Washington Learning Center, 325 East 101st Street
Locations: South Bronx
Purpose: To introduce inner city boys and girls to nature in their community and outside the city. With camping trips, hikes, fishing trips, skiing and other outdoor activities, children build social skills that will last a lifetime.