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The Jagna Story

Based on two UN presentations made by John Kent Story by Bharat Koirala and Kimberly Bliss Nestled on the Island of Bohol in Central Philippines, Jagna is a small town of about 30,000 people and considered an important commercial trading center with a busy port. Much of the town and surrounding Barangays, or villages, however,…
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Moneyboxes at PS 15 in Red Hook, Brooklyn

  The Moneybox was created by Equitable Communities to put financial literacy tools in the home.  With a teaching artist from Marquis Studios and feedback from parents and students in PS 15, the Moneyboxes have been a smash hit.  Anyone can “check out” the Moneyboxes from the office of Ms. Juanita LaBoy, Parent Coordinator at…
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The Backstory on PS 307 National Championship Cheerleaders

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About Us

Equitable Communities invests in collaborative community development. Founded by the Kent brothers, John and David, EQOM’s mission is to support equality in under served communities. Equitable Communities has a core belief that in a world dominated by enormous gaps between rich and poor, it is empowered communities who can best develop and sustain programs that…
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Market Place Fair

Where Art and Financial Literacy Come Out and Play To support financial literacy and entrepreneurship education for elementary school students, their parents, and their communities.